Genshin Impact: Where To Find Shriveled Seed (& How To Use It)

To get to the island from the teleportation point in The Chasm: Main Mining Area, players must slide down on a wooden platform to find the cave.Once inside the hidden cave location Genshin ImpactThe player has to walk a few steps to reveal the exquisite treasure chest, which contains withered seeds:

  • There will be two Geo Barrels in front of the wall blocking the way. If you attack the barrels, they will explode, destroying the walls and clearing the path.
  • Use Elemental Sight to find leaves. Touch each leaf to collect them.
  • After collecting leaves, activate them by attacking nearby totems with their corresponding items: Electro, Anemo, and Geo.
  • Once all three totems are activated, a nice chest will appear.
  • Opening the chest will give the player withered seeds, as well as a new achievement Genshin Impact It is called “Valley of Life”.

The purpose of the Blight Seed is currently unknown, but Paimon’s dialogue indicates that the Seed is related to Genshin ImpactDendro area, Sumeru.Cooking events expected to take place in the second half of the year Genshin Impact Version 2.6 introduced a character Xumi whose identity is currently unknown. In the “Spice of the West” event, players help characters research spices. Maybe withered seeds are one of those herbs? Alternatively, the traveler may need to seed or use it in Sumeru to visit new areas. Dendro’s next playable character, Yaoyao, is known for helping navigators get to Sumeru, so it’s possible that Shriveled Seed will play a role in this journey. Regardless, players can follow the steps above to obtain withered seeds and store them in their inventory until the target is discovered.


Genshin Impact: Where To Find Shriveled Seed (& How To Use It)

To travel from The Chasm: Main Mining Area teleport waypoint to this island, players will need to glide down, looking for a cave located above a wooden platform. Once inside the hidden cave location in Genshin Impact, players need to take a few steps before the Exquisite Chest, which houses the Shriveled Seed, will appear:
There will be two Geo Barrels in front of a wall blocking the path. Attacking the barrels will cause them to explode, destroying the wall and clearing the path.
Use Elemental Sight to find the leaves. Touch each of the leaves to collect them.
Once the leaves are collected, activate the nearby Totems by attacking them with the corresponding elements: Electro, Anemo, and Geo.
Once all three Totems are activated, an Exquisite Chest will appear.
Opening the Chest will give the player the Shriveled Seed, as well as a new achievement in Genshin Impact called “People of the Valley of Life.”
The Shriveled Seed’s purpose is currently unknown, however, Paimon’s dialogue hints the seed is related to Genshin Impact‘s Dendro region, Sumeru. A cooking event expected to arrive in the second half of Genshin Impact Version 2.6 features a Sumeru character whose identity is currently unknown. In the “Spices From The West” event, players help the character conduct research on spices. Perhaps the Shriveled Seed is one of these spices? Alternatively, the Traveler might have to plant the seed in Sumeru or use it to gain access to the new region. It’s known that the upcoming playable Dendro character, Yaoyao, will help the Traveler reach Sumeru, so it’s possible the Shriveled Seed will play a role in that journey. Either way, players can obtain the Shriveled Seed using the steps above and put it in their inventory for safe-keeping until its purpose is revealed.

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