Friends: Every Blind Date The Main Characters Had, Ranked

In “Candy Hearts”, Joey accidentally puts Chandler and Janice on a blind date because the woman he’s dating insists they have a double date with her boyfriend. On the actual date, Chandler tapped his forehead on the table a few times before realizing he might as well put it to good use.

Now Chandler could have talked to Janice and called off the date, but when is honesty his forte? This blind date strongly suggests that Chandler and Janice were doomed from the start. friends He deserves better.

Rachel: Phoebe and Steve worked it out together.

Rachel’s dating history includes the best and worst dates friends† In Season 9’s “The Blind Date,” Phoebe and Joey deliberately put her and Rose on a horrific date in the hope that this move will bring them back together.

Rachel develops a relationship with Steve and finds it difficult to start a conversation with him. She always gives a good vibe, but he creeps her out. Later, Rachel told Monica that the blind date was the worst she’d ever experienced. It’s no wonder that actor Jon Lovitz, who plays Steve, counts as one of the most bizarre guest stars on the show. friends

Ross: Joey set him up with a teacher and he canceled the appointment.

Ross wakes up because his blind date has been cancelled, and Joy says she’s a “very boring woman” (hence the perfect match for him). He waited for her to show up at the restaurant and affectionately described her to staff as having “medium length dark hair” and hoped she would show up soon.

By the end of both blind dates, Ross and Rachel seemed frustrated, but it would take time for them to realize that they belonged to the same person.

Rachel: Monica and Michael worked it out together.

Rachel has a blind date with Michael in “Where Ross Found”. She seems like a really nice person, but unfortunately Rachel’s mind is preoccupied with the idea of ​​Ross and Julie buying cats together.

Rachel gets drunk, spoils a dinner date, and ends up borrowing a stranger’s phone to leave a drunk voicemail to Ross. It was Michael’s first date since his divorce, and he should be better than watching her drink his money.

Joey: Phoebe paired him with Mary-Ellen Jenkins.

In “The Pediatrician’s One,” Phoebe and Joey agree to go on a blind date. He kept his word and arranged Joey with a friend named Mary-Ellen Jenkins. Meanwhile, Joey forgets about their deal and rushes to Central Perk to find Phoebe to date. While your “Mike!” a guy named Mike Hannigan yelled at Central Perk, answered and agreed to come along.

While Joey was busy making Mike’s whole story more believable, he forgot about an amazing woman sitting next to him. Mary-Ellen Jenkins quickly realizes that Joey isn’t interested in her, says goodbye to him and ends the date.

Phoebe: Joey betrayed her with a stranger named Mike.

The first half of Mike and Phoebe’s date doesn’t go well when Phoebe realizes he and Joey are strangers and leaves. He later approached her at Central Perk, confirmed that she was a pianist, and asked for a second chance.

Phoebe agreed after watching him play the piano, without fear of being judged. Phoebe and Mike’s eventful night ends on a happy note, setting the stage for their relationship.

Monica: Joey arranged a double date for Angela and Bob.

In “East German Laundry Detergent,” Joy realizes that leaving ex-girlfriend Angela Delvecchio was a mistake and tries to get back to her. To this end, he asks her out on a date and asks Monica to impersonate his girlfriend. Delvecchio reluctantly agrees to take her boyfriend, Bob, and hopes that Joey will take his girlfriend, Monica.

Monica joined Joey because she was told she was dating Angela’s smart and sophisticated brother Bob. She learns the truth quickly on date night and still helps Joey break up.Although this action plan is one of the worst things Joey has ever done to get a girl on board friends, for all four. Monica and Bob have a great time and then she likes to tell her friends.


Friends: Every Blind Date The Main Characters Had, Ranked

In “The One with the Candy Hearts,” Joey inadvertently sets Chandler and Janice up on a blind date after the woman he’s seeing insists they double date with her friend. On the actual date, Chandler knocks his forehead several times against the table before realizing he might as well make the most out of it.
Now, Chandler could have been straight with Janice, and called the date off, but when has honesty been his strong suit? This blind date was a strong indication that Chandler and Janice were doomed from the start of Friends and that she deserved so much better.
Rachel: Phoebe Set Her Up With Steve

Rachel’s dating history reeks of both the best and the worst dates in Friends. In the season 9 episode, “The One with the Blind Dates,” Phoebe and Joey intentionally set her and Ross up on horrible dates hoping that this move will push them back together.
Rachel is set up with Steve and she struggles to make conversation with him. She gives out good vibes throughout but he gives her the creeps. Rachel later tells Monica that this blind date is the worst she’s ever been on. It’s no wonder why the actor who played Steve – Jon Lovitz is counted among the guest stars who played the strangest minor character in Friends,
Ross: Joey Set Him Up With A Teacher And Canceled The Date

Ross gets stood up because his blind date, who Joey says is a “really boring woman” (and therefore his perfect match) is told the date’s canceled. He waits for her to show up at the restaurant and lovingly describes her as someone with “an average height, dark-haired” to the staff hoping she may turn up any time soon.
At the end of these two blind dates, Ross and Rachel look dejected but there’s still time before they realize that they belong together.
Rachel: Monica Set Her Up With Michael

Rachel goes on a blind date with Michael in “The One Where Ross Finds Out.” He seems like a genuinely nice person, but sadly, Rachel’s mind is occupied by the thought of Ross and Julie buying a cat together.
Rachel gets drunk, derails the dinner date, and ends up borrowing a stranger’s cellphone to leave a drunken voice message for Ross. It was Michael’s first date since his divorce and he deserved a lot better than watching her drink his money away.
Joey: Phoebe Set Him Up With Mary-Ellen Jenkins

In “The One With The Pediatrician,” Phoebe and Joey agree to set each other up on blind dates. She keeps her word and sets Joey up with a friend named Mary-Ellen Jenkins. Joey, meanwhile, forgets about his deal and rushes inside Central Perk to find a date for Phoebe. As he yells “Mike!” in Central Perk, a man named Mike Hannigan responds and agrees to accompany him.
Since Joey is busy making the whole Mike story more believable, he forgets that a wonderful woman is sitting beside him. Mary-Ellen Jenkins is quick to realize Joey isn’t interested in her, bids him goodbye, and ends the date there and then.
Phoebe: Joey Set Her Up With A Stranger Named Mike

The first half of Mike and Phoebe’s date doesn’t go well as Phoebe realizes he and Joey are strangers and takes off. Later, he approaches her at Central Perk, confirms he’s a pianist, and asks for a second chance.
Phoebe agrees only after she sees him play the air piano without fear of being judged by others. Phoebe and Mike’s eventful date night ends on a good note and it sets the ground for their relationship.
Monica: Joey Arranged A Double Date With Angela And Bob

In “The One With the East German Laundry Detergent,” Joey realizes leaving his ex-girlfriend, Angela Delvecchio was a mistake and tries to get back with her. To do so, he asks her out on a double date and has Monica pose as his girlfriend. Reluctantly, Delvecchio agrees to bring her boyfriend Bob and expects Joey to bring his girlfriend, Monica along.
Monica accompanies Joey because she’s told she has a date with Angela’s smart and sophisticated brother named, Bob. She’s quick to learn the truth on the date night, and still, aids Joey in breaking the couple up. Though this plan of action is among the worst things Joey did to get a girl in Friends, it works well for all four of them. Monica and Bob end up having a great time, and later, she happily tells her friends about it.

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