Elden Ring: Why Godfrey & Hoarah Loux Are The Same Person

disgusting fattener demonstration Eldon RingCharacter names are of the highest caliber, but characters like Hoarah Loux need to be broken down to be appreciated. Loux is a Germanic surname derived from the name Luckas, meaning “light”. The light here can be understood as several things. First, it may have something to do with Godfrey’s role as leader of the Defilers, who metaphorically illuminated the dark paths of the Midlands after his exile. The second is that Loux can refer to the previous Grace’s light hit Tainted.This second understanding may help explain why Eldon RingNepheli Loux of Nepheli has the same surname: maybe all the defiled people in the wasteland have adopted this surname to unite to remember their past, or she is actually Hoarah Loux’s daughter.

Hoarah’s meaning is more direct. Hoarah may be derived from Haor, a Bengali word meaning a swampy lake where a great deal of natural waste ends up. This may be a reference to the more desolate nature of the Badlands, possibly the more muddy swampy areas outside the Midlands. Hoarah, in turn, can describe both the climate and geography of the Badlands, while pointing to its history as a place of exile. Combined with Lux, Godfrey’s second identity could mean “Light of the Wasteland,” a fitting title for Godfrey’s fiercest warriors. Eldon Ring science.


Elden Ring: Why Godfrey & Hoarah Loux Are The Same Person

The Loathesome Dung Eater proves Elden Ring‘s character names are of a top tier caliber, but some like Hoarah Loux have to be broken down to be appreciated. Loux is a Germanic surname that finds its source in the name Luckas, which means “light.” Light here could be understood as a few things. The first is that it could be related to Godfrey’s role as a leader of the Tarnished who metaphorically lit the dark path out of the Lands Between after being exiled. The second is that Loux could refer to the light of Grace that the Tarnished were formerly touched by. This second understanding could help explain why Elden Ring‘s Nepheli Loux shares the same surname: Perhaps all Tarnished in the badlands took on this last name in solidarity to remind themselves of their past, or perhaps she is indeed Hoarah Loux’s daughter.
The meaning of Hoarah is a bit more direct. Hoarah is likely derived from Haor, the Bengali word for a swampy lake where a lot of natural debris ends up. This could refer to the more desolate nature of the badlands, with it possibly being a more muddy, marshy area outside of the Lands Between. In turn, Hoarah could at once describe the climate and geography of the badlands while noting its history as a land for the exiled. When combined with Loux, Godfrey’s second identity could thus potentially mean “the light of the badlands,” a suitable title for the fiercest warrior of Elden Ring lore.

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