Avatar 2 Actor Teases Massive Scale Of New James Cameron Movie

One takeaway from this announcement is that Selfridges is likely to be involved in the franchise for the long term. It has been officially confirmed that Ribisi will appear in the two sequels already filmed: Avatar: The Way of WaterDecember 16, 2022, with an untitled sequel Avatar 3Currently released on December 20, 2024. But unless Ribisi is notorious for abusing royalties”us” and is ready to return if production is fully restored within the promised timeframe. Avatar 4 yes 5

Although there have been huge delays in production Avatar: The Way of Water, is clearly set to usher in an equally massive wave of new franchise material. While it’s beyond anyone’s ability to even imagine what the franchise’s plot will look like once there’s more than three entries, Ribisi’s character could become increasingly complex. In the first film, he’s already starting to show cracks in his business scarecrow appearance, so he’ll soon be at a breaking point and lead a campaign against East Germany.


Avatar 2 Actor Teases Massive Scale Of New James Cameron Movie

One takeaway from this statement is that Selfridge is most likely in the franchise for the long haul. Ribisi has already been officially confirmed to appear in the two sequels which have already been filmed: Avatar: The Way of Water, which comes out on December 16, 2022, and its untitled follow-up Avatar 3, which is currently set for release on December 20, 2024. However, unless Ribisi is egregiously misusing the royal “we,” he is set to return if and when production fully resumes on the promised Avatar 4 and 5.
Although there has been a massive delay in the production of Avatar: The Way of Water, it will clearly be heralding an equally massive wave of new material from the franchise. While it is far beyond anyone’s abilities to begin to imagine what the plot of the franchise could be like once it gets past three entries, it is likely that Ribisi’s character will get more and more complicated. He already began to show cracks in his corporate stooge exterior in the first film, so he may be at the shattering point before too long and helm an operation in opposition to RDA.

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